Impacts of Graphic Design Development on Teaching Graphic Design

Although I doubt that the Arabic library has enough books on Graphic Design to support the universities in Arabic, there are specialized art academies that could help. These academies could use the special curriculum as part of their teaching plans. Other artistic methodological books are also included in the Arabic library. These books cover the basics of design and advertising, as well as other topics related to advertisement.

Graphic Design is not a well-known concept. This concept is not well represented in advertising and publicity, or printing design, because it was not widely known before the advent and return of unspecialized personnel from the European countries and USA. They brought the advanced technology with them and passed it on to us, without defining its identity academically or vocationally.

The academic staff that was entrusted with teaching this specialization had to be able to determine the study plan. Some people were not familiar with the origins of the specialization, while others believed that anyone who has a specialization is able to play the role as planner. After examining the study plans of most Arabic universities, we discovered how incongruous and sometimes insufficient these attempts were. Half of them were in fine arts, while the other half dealt with Graphic Design, but not the root.

Graphic Design education must promote creativity. It should focus on techniques and demonstration methods, and how they relate to skill. This will allow students to gain the knowledge necessary to be able to use what they have learned to invent their own creative and inventive ways.

It is important to consider the needs of students entering Graphic Design.

In order to learn how to design and create advertisements campaigns, or integrate projects that include logos. Posters, Internet homepages, and other materials required by graphic designers, students in the first levels need to be familiarized with Graphic Design history and manual skills.

Students at the highest levels need to be exposed to methods that will help them develop their intellectual and technical skills, as well as their innovation status. This can be done by completing a series of integrated projects where they present their work individually and collectively. These methods should allow students enough flexibility to apply for positions through a variety of specialties within Graphic Design. Without the provision of labs and studios that can perform the required role, as well as cadres who are technically and knowledgeable to achieve the Graphic Design goals, all of these possibilities will not become reality. Graphic Design syllabus is based on both the practical and theoretical principles. It mentally prepares the student for the future and equips him with the knowledge and skills to cope with them.

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